Improving Patient Care with Custom EHR Features

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There has been a huge change in the workflow and the practice of healthcare service. From the use of paper-backed records to the use of electronic health records the healthcare industry has completely transformed itself in the practice that performs on efficiency and necessity.

The introduction of value-based care has brought a huge shift in the way healthcare services are being delivered and received today. That is the reason you see almost 90% of the healthcare practices in the United States have adopted custom EHR software systems.

The impact custom EHR has left on the entire healthcare industry has been so significant that it has created a new pathway for the future of healthcare. The credit for all this indeed goes to the introduction of technology and the proper use of resources.

This transition has been made possible with the use of software and in this case custom EHR software. Custom EHR software has the essential features that have crossed the limitations of the generic healthcare system and enhanced patient care delivery to an extent that no one has ever imagined.

In this blog, let’s take a look at the essential features of custom EHR software that are helping in improving patient care and paving the way for the future of the healthcare industry.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

The first and foremost thing that custom EHR software has an edge is the freedom that it gives to the patient to take control of their health. From the access that it gives to the patient to freely access their medical records to schedule their appointments for consultations easily from one platform, it keeps the patient engaged in their health journey to derive the best possible patient health outcomes.

For instance, the custom EHR software streamlines the entire patient health journey for the patient from the very first stage that is appointment scheduling. Taking this patient engagement journey from this to almost the end with medication reminders, it will not only help in improving patient adherence to patient health outcomes, it briefly covers almost all the aspects of care while keeping the patient updated the whole time.

Apart from that, the integration of custom EHR features with telehealth platforms not only closes the gaps in healthcare accessibility but also makes remote consultation possible, making healthcare much more sophisticated and streamlined.

Streamlined Care Coordination 

Another thing that custom EHR software solves is that it brings every member of the care team on the same path while helping them to work on the same goal. Meaning by improving communication channels, it not only improves the patient care journey, but also allows active participation from both the parties.

Along with this, the integration of medication management systems, it helps providers to keep a track of their patient’s medication but also allows patients to have a deeper insight in their life styles. By improving this simple factor of medication, it not only helps providers in improving the adherence with the treatment but also eliminate the changes of human errors by a high margin during the entire health journey.

Furthermore, healthcare management can be taken a step further with specific integrations that help in managing population health.

Improved Clinical Decision Making

The next best thing that custom EHR software brings to your healthcare practice is that it helps you make better data-backed clinical decisions. With deeper insights into patient care, providers can not only make better decisions but also give patients the right point of care with clinical decision support tools.

With patient-specific data pointers like allergies and medication history it allows formation of personalized care plans with much more accuracy and efficiency. Along with this, custom features like data analytics and reporting can enhance the patient care journey much more by improving clincial outcomes of the patient.

Increased Efficiency & Reduced Costs

One of the major features that most healthcare providers demand is automating repetitive tasks. Simply solving the very first aspect of care not only helps streamline workflows of healthcare practice but also helps providers reduce the overall costs of healthcare services. 

With improved data capturing and reporting capabilities, it addresses crucial patient care aspects. Along with that, it also helps in saving money for the patient and reducing the overall price of healthcare software. Add this to the automated coding and billing features, which reduces the overall administrative costs and improves billing accuracy for the practice. All these features improve every aspect of the care journey with data and help in reducing the administrative costs of healthcare services.

Now, imagine adding the custom feature appointment reminders. This one thing will reduce the wait time significantly allowing better time management for all the parties involved.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

By adding data-driven practices to their healthcare journey, the custom EHR software adds a personalized touch to every personal care journey. Such patient-centered care not only enhances the care experience of the patients but also directly impacts the health outcomes.

Along with that, by improving communication and seamless information sharing it increases the patient trust and satisfaction rate. All these factors are added by custom features. To enhance this the practices can also try for a patient feedback mechanism which will directly improve the care quality of the patients.


All these benefits of custom EHR play a crucial aspect in the patient care journey. It introduces personalized care in their practices and brings transparency in their practices’ workflow and functioning. All these custom EHR features help in improving patient care and allow patients to enhance their practice with data and feasibility.The custom EHR software is built to adapt to evolving healthcare standards. So, as the industry continues to advance, the EHR system can seamlessly incorporate changes without causing disruptions. Be ready for the future of healthcare with custom EHR software. Click here to start your transformation journey today.

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